Social Media Marketing

Here’s how we can help your business grow through social media marketing

Facebook Ads

With more than 1 billion people using Facebook daily, you know it can help you reach all the right people in all the right places.
We’ll help you deliver the adverts to the most relevant people who want to see them. Whether it’s downloading your app, viewing your video or simply directing people to your landing page – our team will create effective Facebook adverts that match the message of your landing page and bring results.

Twitter Ads

Connect with the most receptive Twitter users at the right time with Twitter Ads. It’s your opportunity to amplify your 140 symbols or less message to hundreds of thousands of potential clients. By writing a compelling piece of content that promotes your business, a product, or event we’ll help you reach more people on Twitter.

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LinkedIn Ads

If you’re looking to reach your ideal customers when they’re in their ‘work’ mode – LinkedIn Ads is your choice. The only place where you can effectively target people by their job titles, industry, company size and seniority. Perfect for B2B companies looking to attract professional audience.

Instagram Ads

Advertising to a community of mobile users has never been easier. A full blown ad that takes up all of your potential customer’s screen. You can be sure you’ll get his attention this way. We’ll help you get their interest, desire and action.

Stumbleupon Ads (Paid Discovery)

Stumbleupon ads or Paid Discovery is unique in that your full web page will be displayed to Stumbleupon users. More than 35 million people across the globe use Stumbleupon to surf the best of the Internet and find sites that match their interests. The browsing state of the users dictates that only highly targeted and engaging content can be used to grow the awareness about your brand or promote a piece of content. Stumbleupon is one of the only platforms where organic traffic can greatly surpass the paid traffic if the acquired users will like the content they see and thus promote it within the network organically.

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