Make retargeting one of the best channels you have for increasing your business.

Dynamic retargeting

Most retargeting serve static ads that try to appeal to broad set of the targeted audience. With dynamic retargeting you’ll be able to 2x–3x your results. By automatically pulling the relevant information like product image, price or name, and you’ll be able to serve customised ads for every lost visitor. Your potential customers will thus receive a personalised ad based on their behaviour on your website.

Email Retargeting

You’ve sent dozens of email campaigns targeted at potential customers. You know that money is in the list. Why not take your efforts one step further and supercharge the power of your email campaigns? With Email retargeting, users who opened your email will see your ads as they browse the web.

Search retargeting

This is one of the best ways to reach new customers and build awareness for your brand. By showing your ads to people who have never visited your website before, but have recently searched for the keywords relevant to your business. No need to compete with advertisers for top positions in paid search listing. Search retargeting leverages the low-cost display advertising inventory of Facebook and other websites.

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